Expert Leather Furniture Cleaning & Conditioning

  1. leather furniture cleanersWe will inspect your leather upholstery
    • Determine the type of leather - Analine, Nubuck or Pigmented.
    • Discuss the condition of your furniture and the results we hope to achieve. Some conditions, excessive fading and wear, cuts, deep scratches and scuffs to the leather are not completely correctable or eliminated with cleaning/condition. However minor scratched, scuffs and light fading are in most cases, significantly improved with cleaning/conditioning your leather.
    • Choose the Cleaning Method appropriate for your leather type
  2. Restoring the appearance of your leather upholstery
    • We hand sponge apply our environment, pet and people safe neutral ph high foaming shampoo to a small section at a time dissovling and suspending soils.
    • We towel dry removing the dissolved soil and grime.
    • Our Leather Restoring Protection Crème is applied by hand.
      • Adding moisture and fats that softens and renews the supple feel.
      • reducing minor fading by restoring some of the color.
      • Reduces the unwanted appearance of minor scratches and scuffs.
      • Provides Ultra Violet Light Protection reducing further fading.
      • Protects and slows down re-soiling.
    • We hand buff with lambs wool polishing pads restoring the sheen to the leather.

Note: It is important to first determine the type of leather so that the appropriate method and cleaning products are used. The process for Nubuck Leather is different than the above. 

Heavy fading from exposure to light is not correctable by cleaning. Color restoration may be required and is at additional cost. 

Heavy scratches, deep scuffs, chafing, tears, and cracking are not correctable by cleaning. 

Steps 1 & 2 may be, determinded by the degree of soil, repeated a second time to optimize complete soil removal. 

Steps 3 & 4 (protect and buff) will be repeated to the high wear areas a second or third time to achieve a like new appearance and feel.

"Always A Pleasant Experience"