Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

13 Steps to Clean Healthy Furniture

furniture cleaningYaeger Rug & Furniture Cleaners specializes in cleaning velvet, silk, leather, specialty fabrics, antiques, office furniture, upholstered panels & walls. Our use of environment friendly and people safe products insures your safety as well as the safety of our invaluable technicians. We are insured and bonded, always careful and respectful. Most companies only steam clean ~ we hand apply, lightly agitate & immediately extract the dissolved soil. This method not only provides a more thorough clean, but is safer for fabric and has a shorter drying time.

Our Process

  1. We will cheerfully greet and introduce our selves when entering your home.
  2. Carefully set up our cleaning equipment, put on shoe covers before entering your home and close the doors behind us.
  3. Pre-inspect your furniture and discuss any concerns you may have regarding cleanability.
  4. We carefully place your furniture on a large tarp for cleaning and protect your floor and surrounding furnishings. Splashing and over-spray does not occur and should not be of a concern.
  5. We thoroughly inspect and test the fabric to determine the safest and most effective cleaning method for each piece of furniture to be cleaned.
  6. We pre-vacuum the furniture, giving special attention to the more heavily soiled areas.tops of arms, head rest, cushions, etc.
  7. We pre-treat any stains or spots. We use the latest stain removal products and technologies available. Note: Some stains and discolorations may be permanent.
  8. We pre-treat the heavily soiled areas. This step pre-breaks the soil for easy removal.
  9. Wet Cleaning: We hand apply a neutral PH balanced solution of rich lather to one small section at a time, lightly agitate with a soft brush to loosen and suspend the soil and immediately extract the foam and dissolved soil. (We do not over wet the fabric.) We do not leave a sticky residue behind.
    Dry Cleaning: We apply a special blend dry cleaning solvent to the fabric and immediately extract and/or towel off dissolved soil. When appropriate, to obtain the best results, we use a combination of both the wet and dry methods.
    Note: The type of fabric, degree and type of soil, and the integrity of the fabric all are determining factors in choosing the most appropriate cleaning method. Fabrics that a.) shrink or b.) the colors are loose - need to be dry cleaned.
    All Natural Cleaning: No chemicals or synthetic detergents. This method is for our clients who have allergies or suffer from chemical sensitivities.
    Hot Water Extraction: OK for heavily soiled synthetic fabrics but not appropriate for all natural or delicate fabrics.
  10. We eliminate normal household odors.
    Note: *organic odors such as urine, vomit, mold and mildew require special attention. Exsessive urine odor may not be correctable.
  11. Upon completion of the cleaning process we re-inspect the fabric and re-treat any remaining stains.
  12. Our last step is to set-up the cushions to dry. Drying time, depending on the type of fabric, the degree of soil and the relative humidity is from 2 to 6 hrs. Do not put cushions back in place until the next day.
    Note: It is best not to use the furniture until the next day. Keep children and pets off of the furniture until completely dry.
  13. Our service representative will call you within seven days to guarantee your satisfaction and if needed, we will return (no charge, no hassle) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to re-do as needed.

Important: There are risks when cleaning upholstered furniture that cannot be foreseen or controlled. These include color bleeding or fading, buttons rusting or loosening, fabric tearing, splitting, shrinking or pilling, ink, marker, or chalk bleeding from behind the fabric. We always use the utmost care to avoid these risks, however, the potential is real and we cannot be held responsible for these uncontrollable occurrences should they occur.

Assurance: We have been cleaning upholstery fabric for over 60 years. Our technicians are fully trained and skilled at cleaning all types of fabric from silk to leather, from antiques to the most modern imports.

Optional Services

Fabric Protection - the best in the industry. Slows re-soiling and helps protect against staining.

*Organic odors require special attention. We can detect and determine the source of odors and in most cases eliminate or control the odor. Odor elimination is a science involving various factors. The areas affected can be small or large and the solution to the problem may be simple or complicated, extensive and expensive. We can help you determine whether it is cost effective to pursue odor elimination versus replacement.

Our cleaning technicians are employed by us - (not sub-contracted) courteous, conscientious, skilled, thorough and on time.


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