Carpet Cleaning Services

Our Sixteen Steps To Clean Carpets

carpet cleanersYaeger Rug & Furniture Cleaners offers the best value with our all inclusive carpet cleaning. Plus, our cleaning solutions are environment friendly, people and pet safe.

Our Process

  1. We will cheerfully greet and introduce ourselves when entering your home.
  2. Carefully bring our carpet cleaning equipment into your home, put on shoe covers and close the door behind us.
  3. Survey the work to be done. Evaluate the condition of the carpets and discuss any concerns you may have regarding carpet cleaning. Inspect stains and spots, and if possible, determine their origin. Provide solutions and discuss your expectations and any limitations there may be.
  4. Carefully move your furniture. Clean the carpet edges and corners, removing the dust, dirt, hair, and dander and wipe off the baseboards behind the furniture.
  5. Give special attention to carpet stains and spots. We try to determine the origin of stains and select the appropriate treatment. Stains and spills are pre-treated and extracted. (Some stains are permanent.)
  6. Return the furniture to its original location and place protectors under the legs. Smaller pieces of furniture may be left out of the room to be returned after the carpet is completely dry - we recommend overnight. Drying time is three to six hours. (Heavily soiled carpet or high humidity will increase drying time.)
  7. Pre-treat excessively soiled areas, giving special attention to high-use areas and walkways.
  8. Use the highest quality non-allergenic, environment friendly, Ph balanced carpet cleaning solutions. Our water base solution is specially blended with a dry cleaning additive, allowing for both wet and dry cleaning solvency. Our use of the Bane-Clene System®, recommended and endorsed by carpet manufactures, assures the safe and effective cleaning of your carpet.
  9. Agitate and extract the heavy soil at the entrance ways, traffic lanes and high-use areas of your carpeting. Our system simultaneously dissolves, suspends and hot-water extracts the ground in soil and restores the carpet nap. (Wear and matting are not correctable.)
  10. Minimal residue - Don't be misled; all carpet cleaning systems leave some residue. Our cleaning agent is diluted 256 parts water to 1 part detergent and the rate of extraction is over 90%. The Bane-Clene System® leaves minimal residue.
  11. Our carpet cleaning formula contains soil retardants that slow resoiling and make future spots easier to remove. (For stain protection see Optional Services.*)
  12. Deodorize and sanitize. Our process eliminates normal household odors in the carpet. (Note: *organic odors such as urine, vomit, mold, and mildew require special attention.)
  13. Post carpet cleaning service inspection retreating any remaining soiled areas.
  14. Fluff the carpet and rejuvenate the nap. (We cannot replace carpet wear.)
  15. Follow up. Our Quality Control representative will call you within seven days to guarantee your satisfaction. See - Our 100% Guarantee
  16. Return if necessary (at no charge and no hassle) within two weeks to re-do as needed.

FREE SPOT OUT® - we provide you with the best all-purpose spotter plus free unlimited lifetime replacement for as long as you are our client. Our cleaning technicians are employed by us - (not sub-contracted) courteous, conscientious, skilled, thorough and on time. 

We are insured and bonded, always careful and respectful. Our carpet cleaning services are available throughout the Greater Rochester NY area.

Optional Services

Dupont Teflon Stain Protection - the best in the industry. We charge only for the areas that you need protected; it may not be necessary to stain protect the entire room. 

*Organic odors require special attention. We can detect and determine the source of odors and in most cases eliminate or control the odor. Odor elimination is a science involving various factors. The areas affected can be small or large and the solution to the problem may be simple or complicated, extensive and expensive. We can help you determine whether it is cost effective to pursue odor elimination versus carpet replacement. 

We GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction with our professional carpet cleaning services.

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